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Waste to energy

Turning environmental problems into business opportunities! ERG applies proven energy-from-waste processes for municipal waste with our plasma plants. Waste to commodity technologies converting plastic and tire waste to high quality oil, combustible gas, carbon black and steel. Wood/biomass gasifiers. The energy produced qualifies for renewable energy and carbon credits.

Driving this lucrative market are growing problems with waste disposal, and new legislation in many countries to achieve environmentally friendly waste disposal and renewable energy targets. In addition to this ERG has created a trading division dealing with environmentally friendly products.


Please look here for our product line of Plastics and Tires Plant.


19.06.2008 - REW 2008, Istanbul
First day of the fair is well underway and we have nice stand at REW. Here is a picture from the stand. Click here to see it.

12.06.2008 - TEM TECMA 2008, Madrid
Our Director of Technology, Dr. Westmeier, held a public talk at the conference. In addition ERG had a stand at the trade fair, here are some pictures...

05.05.2008 - IFAT 2008, Munich (updated 06.05.2008)
IFAT, one of the largest fairs in the world with the topic environmental solutions, have started. Here you can see some pictures...

21.04.2008 - South Korea
When our Director of Technology, Dr. Westmeier, were in South Korea early April he was interviewed by one of the large national TV stations. The interview...

13.03.2007 - Smagua 2008
The environment exhibition is in its third day. We have...

24.02.2008 - Pictures of our Tire Plant updated
Pictures of a new Tire Plant in Korea has been published on our pictures page here.



Three highly topical issues of the 21st Century dominate the political agendas of most countries across the globe:
1) global warming
2) the environment
3) and energy.

The only way forward for the long term is to find effective solutions for dealing with waste, pollution and dwindling energy resources.