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Waste refining

ERG has a range of tire/rubber and plastic plants refining waste into valuable commodities - in a closed system with no pollution as an effect, and 95 to 97% of the waste refined (3 to 5% is water/moisture which evaporates). It is like drilling for oil in waste.


ERG Plastic and Rubber Plant PP75t

ERG has the exclusive rights* for a modular build system that continuously feeds the reactor, which results in almost 100% REFINING.

There is literally no waste produced, just marketable commodities. It is producing enough combustible gas to power its pyrolysis chamber, with low exhaust pollutants emissions. This makes it truly an ideal and environmental friendly way to refine plastic waste.

ERG PP75t refine tire and technical rubber waste into high quality oil, carbon black, steel and combustible gas. 45 ton per day capacity. (Also available in 30t per day capacity.) Click here to see pictures of ERG Plastic Plant.

*USA and Europe (excluding Spain, UK, Lithuania, and Portugal)


Plastic and rubber plant ERG PP75t - key facts
  • Depolymerization process
  • 75 ton capacity per day
  • 340 days of operation per year
  • 25,500 ton yearly capacity
  • 95% refined, 5% water/humidity evaporates
  • High quality end products
    • High quality oil 14,280 ton (56%)
    • Combustible gas 2,825 ton (15%)
    • Carbon black 5,100 ton (20%)
    • Steel 1,020 ton (4%)
    • Water 1,275 ton (5%)
  • Close to no pollutants released in the process.
  • TüV approved
  • Return on investment 2 to 8 years (dependent on commodity prices and government grants).
  • Only 8 people required to operate the plant (per shift)
  • ~20,000 m2 site required
  • ~2,500 m2 building required
  • 400KW/h power consumption when operating
  • Industrial water 10t/day